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1. Inertial fields, tachion vortexes 2. Inertial propulsion. 3. Napęd inercyjny z wykorzystaniem sił odśrodkowych.

1. Inertial fields, tachion vortexes

Inertial forces for recent standard science are still a mysterious kind of natural phenomenon. An urgent question sounds - what is the nature of inertia ? There are many information about gravity and its correlation with space-time, but for inertia properties of matter human knowledge is relatively small. Is there special field of inertia according to inertial solids properties ? How physical vacuum is combine with inertial properties of matter and what's the relation between them? Gravity is a field with correlation to mass and this is generally static field, also we know about gravity waves which have dynamic properties like an electromagnetic energy. In inertia case there is also involved a dynamic and kinetic energy. Probably general mechanism of inertia is much different from gravity static mass field, however there can be various interactions with those natural forces. Knowledge about those universal properties could help to construct devices and vehicles much more technologically advanced than anything what human have constructed untill today. However, lack in theoretical base is a main obstacle to bring such a things to reality. Nevertheless this is almost sure, that after certain time, inertia based solutions in transport methods become a reality with gradual social awareness even if situation on our planet is not ready to accept those changes, no matter, that the theoretical problems will be unsolved. Lately it's not difficult to see that progress of human civilization is going to a kind of dead end, economic correlations created by politicians will bring us on the edge of global massive disaster, only for sustaining existing nowadays deal with artificial technology limitation good only for small people fraction in the world, not for whole mankind. Our civilization probably is not going in any good direction. The cure for this situation seems to rely on separation politics from technology due to many politicians are only politics manufacturers, without any proper to their social position vision, with economic dependent thinking, which is simplify unfortunately to a common materialism but still many crucial innovations are waiting right now for seeing daylight. Economics is still technology dependent like never before. All this topics are important if there's a need to provide new technology based on inertia propulsion and other applications. Many people to accept recent situation where billions of dollars are spend in vain on expensive projects while the solution can be pretty simple, while the only problem is proper attention on some unappreciated innovations. Inertia control is what our technology was neglected due to mathematical theory where was no place for calculation with more than two acting forces at once, what is still an important problem in standard dynamics. For example dynamics doesn't predict internal forces in solids and is based only on external forces acting on solids like in common action and reaction mechanism. In inertial propulsion application this kind of forces have fundamental meaning. It seems like a visible scheme in all technology like for instance jet and rocket propulsion will soon occur to bring mankind to big troubles due to their obvious limitations, if no changes will come, and that's a uncomfortable truth for certain people. Inertial space propulsion is possible to construct in much more simply way, even like garage-made space vehicle can be. This time could be a proper time for joining advanced existing technology with inertial propulsion solutions and the result can occur to be soon a new technological quality. Inertial field is coming from every material particle and it's responsible for inertial behavior of every material object. This field is product of internal oscillation of atomic nuclei. The result is a kind of radiation which is carrying inertia properties of particles. The nature of this radiation is for now unknown. Probably without understanding of that, science will not achieve a level required for any calculation and further consequences. Each atom and its internal structure in form of quarks and gluons, is just like self-sustain energy system and is composed of primery basic inertial energy. The basic energy can oscillate and keep itself frequency, in this case there is creation of matter. So basic energy is non engaged energy - a free energy from what matter can be created and if this energy is disturbed by a another factor than there is creation of particles like those in standard matter. Nevertheless some paths leads to a theory, that just neutrino is the particle responsible for inertial energy transmission and propagation. Neutrino is not an electromagnetic energy or mass and electric charge, it's only carrying spin energy what is coming from inertial field with various inertial energy charge and neutrino can propagate in vacuum with greater velocity than conventional light. Neutrino is often coming from atomic and small elementary particles process when result spin after some nuclear transformation is not balanced or null and then neutrino can be emitting. What's the correlation to tachion energy I don't know but this must be strong correlation because matter is close to its energy fields as well as inertial field radiation propagated by neutrino.

2. Inertial propulsion.

Inertial propulsion has been already discussed for many times on various technology related webpages and also was a topic widely described in my earlier posts, however some information still seems to be omitted in some of that websites and for many aspects of inertial propulsion there's evident lack of complete information especially of how potential could be that drive in space and how important is proper understanding of what it could mean for human space exploration solutions on global scale. Generally there're no understanding in this generation for inertial propulsion, people seldom know what is inertial propulsion solution. Most people even don't hear about it. So the need to explain what inertial propulsion means for humans is urgent. We are getting now proper chance to make a giant progress and step ahead to prosper as a civilization taking control of whole human space colonization methods and one chance to get to Mars quicker and safer than some people could even thought in 20th century and in our recent times. For me this is quite strange thing about this situation according the propulsion that almost none of scientific institute or research center in the world generally have no more useful work in this topic to show, and the entire situation about inertial propulsion is not treated with proper respect, which this propulsion deserve undoubtedly, if it was treated right, the world will become quickly more friendly place than one can imagine. Those who know already something about inertial propulsion generally leave this knowledge without further interest, thinking that this technology is only for toys applications and not for real space exploration programs. In the light of some latest facts, they are probably wrong. Those facts entirely comply with my earlier predictions, that nowadays works about inertial propulsion clearly and exactly shows that inertial propulsion has potential to revolutionize world's transportation systems and can to turn its ax about 180 degrees in just several decades from now only if to care of it with some additional financial help, otherwise required money as usually will be spend for rocketry and anybody should to know that this method leads probably to nowhere. Inertial propulsion is a clean and safe propellant-less propulsion what makes radical technological difference if we compare and consider rocket technology and this kind of propulsion. The fact is that in comparison to inertial drive, standard technology in space propulsion methods already has relatively small opportunities even on so short distances with relation to, for instance, interstellar scale, to journey in solar system. Inertial propulsion make available of very fast travel within solar system, reaching Mars can be achieved in several days, what is completely out of abilities of rocket transport. Moon, in the light of this fact, can be completely colonized in a term also of several decades. I have to notice unfortunately, that there're no real discussion about this kind of space transportation system in scientific circles, commonly a stubborn catching of standard technologies in space travel and air or land transport, is the main behavior of scientists. Gaining investors attention in this case seems to be a miracle. In spite of this, experimental result and data of working prototypes obtained by some researchers brightly indicate, that inertial propulsion is a technological reality and its operation is enough effective for practical use, but this can happen only if we accept and consider different kind of scientific and technical approach. This new approach doesn't rely to Newtonian physic, standard thermodynamics and rather to experimental data which wasn't obtained by using prediction and correlation with theoretic physic, because it was obtain simply in observation and imagination ways. It's significant, that not everything in technology can be described by mathematical notation. We should accept, that some of solutions should be adapted to applicable technology only for their crucial technological potential for humans not to be discredited for lack of mathematical and physical explanation and understanding. However in case of inertial propulsion, there's no violation of standard laws of physic by this propulsion technology. There're several significant and phenomenal technical sides of inertial propulsion application, which can define future space exploration of humans. One of those greatest advantages is that spaceship is not further chemical fuel dependent so the journey distance available to this spaceship is practically endless, there is an ability to use on-board nuclear reactor or radioisotope electric generators as a energy source of space ship, what means that this kind of ship will be able to reach every planet in solar system within one or several weeks. Combined technologies: nuclear solutions and inertial propulsion could, in our not distant future, make possible to reach by a robotic mission nearby planetary system like alfa Centauri system, or tau Ceti system in a few tens of years time. Inertial propulsion is the first propulsion which can be harnessed by humans as a both so simple in operation and simultaneously so cheap space travel method that propagation of this technology can occur more rapid and immediate process than we ever have thought.

Inertial and magnetic propulsion.

Koda's inertial fluid propulsion.
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Inertial water operated device.

3. Napęd inercyjny z wykorzystaniem sił odśrodkowych.

Forma napędu z wykorzystaniem sił odśrodkowych i ruchomego obciążenia na obwodzie. Podczas ruchu okrężnego wokół centralnego wału masy dążą do zajęcia pozycji maksymalnie horyzontalnej, co powoduje parcie na centralnie umieszczoną przegrodę, dzieje się to poprzez sprężyny rozciągliwe, które powodują podniesienie centralnego łożyska posuwisto-rotacyjnego, które następnie naciska na przegrodę-tarczę zaspawaną na wale, poprzez sprężynę ściskaną.Zamiast sprężyny ściskanej można też zastosować magnesy toroidalne spolaryzowane na odpychanie, jeden na tarczy drugi na łożysku posuwisto-rotacyjnym.. Rozwiązanie takie eliminowałoby problem tarcia sprężyny o dwa elementy konstrukcyjne w postaci tarczy na wale i górnej krawędzi łożyska.System napędowy tego typu składa się jak widać z kilkunastu mas. Napędzany jest silnikiem elektrycznym, który jest zasilany z kolei prądem z termo-generatorów radioizotopowych (energia może pochodzić z Plutonu-238 i jego rozpadu promieniotwórczego).