Cyborgization and robotization.

Cyborgization of society in theory would aim to eliminate the phenomenon of human masses wear and their biodegradation. All or a large part of organs, and in particular their connection with robotic organs, would have the purpose of multiple exchangeability of these organs, and would strengthen and multiply the intellectual and biomechanical forces of people with artificial body structures, and implants in the brain tissue that ultimately, they would lead to superhuman intellectual and memory capacities. Cyborg, when it comes to the meaning of this word, means half-human half-mash using the latest technological advances in robotics and bionics, allowing the full integration of biological systems with robotic systems. Currently, many companies are trying their best to create appropriate techniques for combining neuron-based tissue from the human brain with computer technology that develops quickly and who knows if not too fast. Therefore, one should be particularly careful wherever the machine can begin to control biologically living tissue, because for ages people have no experience in this subject, so here we are just moving on "slippery" ground, as well as in genetic engineering, where it would seem that a human with technology such as CRISPR Cas9 editing genes on a patient, he deserves to be called the ruler of nature, but the truth is that these changes cause cancer and irreversible distortions in the code in distant parts of the genome.