Gravity control.

Gravity control is nowadays an unreachable vision. In history there was already many scientists who posted many interesting technical solutions, unfortunately without any effect in real life of the millions people today who lay hope in fast, safe and technically advanced space exploration programs and technologies. Lately there are many brief information about some work in gravity shielding by using superconductors and several different technologies like centrifugal inertial propulsion and many other. All this examples are just on beginning of possibilities in practical application and probably won't change a lot in our technical environment in acceptable time term. Gravity is very weak force in atomic scale but in cosmic scale it is fundamental properties of every material agglomeration in form of galaxies, stars, and planets. Understanding, that only with applying gravity propulsion in space and ground transport systems, mankind will prosper in best and stable way, could be important and main problem in our times. Such a topics on theoretic physic is probably most important element in science and should have very deep impact on our technology but it is left simultaneously without adequate public attention. In plenty of countries there's no place for space exploration at all due to economic costs of space programs and actual technical opportunities of those countries. Evident problems like sustaining right life level according to people base needs is unfortunately also unbreakable limit for other more difficult plans. Rich countries all the time try to increase progress in rocketry, even with awareness of base rocket propulsion disadvantages. There may be situation in near future, that real cutting edge technology will not be based on rocket technology because it will be gravity control based solution due to changes quickly times. Technical progress in computer science lately is incredible. All is aiming to global computer chain reaction what may have very strong impact to space exploration and undoubtedly to human live. On ground based technology several kind of gravity application can be used to propulsion railway systems. First, and probably most important to understanding is the fact, that gravity is product of material objects mass and at ones this is the cause to treat this force as a free energy. It means, that solutions created on this fact will provide closed energy systems and may work with much less energy consumption or even with overproduction of energy to power else electric systems. So gravity energy can be change to electric energy, but also to thermal energy and many other energy forms. Only problem is base mechanism of energy transformation. Without comprehension of this fundamental thing if we think for instance of space colonization on wide scale, we can't do anything. But with some different approach to this there may be certain ways to act with nature forces what will also give powerful technology. We haven't to applying anti-gravity at all, because potential gravity energy is everywhere and can be transform to kinetic energy and even consequently in electric power. Obviously, at the other hand, there are hydro power plants based at similar processes producing plenty of energy. In this case, in fact, whole system is powered by solar energy, so nature ecosystem can exist. By this means we can't give power to any vehicles in space, so if we want to do something more than creating electricity, we must think about something else. There are methods with gravity control relay on gravity force vector decreasing according to actual deck gravity vector, what is fundamental rule in need of eventual rapid acceleration of vehicles but this is only a part of control inertia and gravity problems and for instance there is opportunity to reversing gravity charge to negative energy by horizontal speed and vertical gravity force involving, what is described below. In ground transportation with gradual acceleration gravity can be decreased even to weightless state on deck. It will be so if we use additionally to acceleration magnetic field low beam system. This kind of effect, if we take a look at railway communication, can be obtain by a specific horizontal beam and steel vertical elements track construction or even directly from magnetic attraction increasing by magnetic low beam pull. Main suspension beams on which vehicle is moving are positioned on slightly angle to horizontal direction, in such a way to gain continuous track and differently to magnetic levitation trains where we got obligation to power also whole railway system and we need to power for magnetic levitated train. There is no need to power whole system, it is enough to power only vehicle. The track can be as an addition construct from a steel elements positioned one by one vertically on certain distances between itself. That's enough to make, with assumption that electromagnets in train will attract steel beams in proper frequency magnetic fields pulses, right working system - this is first case. This is only in need to sudden increase speed of vehicle. It is because electromagnets need only ferromagnetic objects not other electromagnets to do the same as in standard magnetic levitation train equipped all in electromagnets made from expensive materials. By combine this method and gravity there's possibility to obtain even reversing gravity vector, what can happen if the speed is enough. The train in this method will be lifted by vacuum or air pressure and will be able to work due to very narrow friction separation and dilatation between surfaces of the track and train from the air with assumption that also surfaces will be made from proper material type of hard metals for example good kind of steel. Also important in this propulsion is weight of the train, because increasing mass of the train will make stronger potential force of gravity, so more weight will mean faster journey to passengers in train and faster acceleration as well. A low beam can be also used to increase acceleration by an attracting to itself the train and can also be used to production electric energy if there will be such a need and will be locate below the train, so this can be also method to keep traction control and electricity production - this is second case. Also even weight coming from the people can increase speed what is an important aspect. Another property of the system is the need ( this is perhaps also disadvantage of this method) of approximate horizontal orientating of the track for the train movement, but this is only if we think about the inertial propulsion without magnetic support and acceleration in first case. Once the train is moving on ideal horizontal level (horizontal environment without hills and valleys), magnetic support will sustain to gain gravity vector decreasing till even gravity elimination on its deck. Further acceleration is gaining negative gravity energy by the train and it looks like all things on train deck getting lighter than the air inside, what is only illusion because the effect is just according to the negative energy. At the same beam there can be at the bottom one angle surface and at the opposite side another negative angle surface. So all support concrete construction simplify itself much. So there is a parallel two method to accelerate for this vehicle, first is by frequency magnetic manipulation, and the second by a static magnetic low beam pull with angle beam application. The other problem is magnetic tendency to slowing down the train with acceleration. Maybe this is worthy to think over what is the method to eliminate this technical problem. By now it's only vacuum seems to be application with very low and precise track shape and narrow separation from the low beam. Precision here is most important. Perhaps magnetization of the beams would make better the situation, cause several types of steel can be magnetized with good effect ( magnets should have the opposite polarization to the beam or the same as beams - both situation will make available of proper work) then all system will be working as magnets and problem will be solved.

Gravity train in tunel.

Propulsion scheme 1

If electromagnets attract below beam form the up side velocity will be rising in this case people will be losing their weight so this is negative energy increasing, there will be different situation when electromagnets attract below beam from the opposite side, then with assumption that up beam is with negative angle, velocity will be also rising but with positive gravity result on vehicle deck, so in this situation people on the deck will have feeling that their bodies are heavier during acceleration of this kind of train no matter that the result in form of acceleration is the same. Also there are possibilities to use several vibration generators to partly avoid and control friction in dilatation of the train and the railway. The same rules can be used to build air and space vehicles. In this case of the method of propulsion we need to assume that the propulsion system depends on the fact that once gravity force vector is reversed by the means of using magnetic field acceleration system to temporary opposite gravity force, the negative gravity energy can be sustained during vehicle flight and further system functioning in space.

Gravity control continuation

The dark side of global economy, which is focused mostly in the hands of not so plenty of people in the today world, is based on simplifying to the philosophy oriented to income. The global monetary system is directed to prefer only certain kind of acting on the market mostly complying with similar conceptions. While some people and institutions are well situated in capitalism environment and are able to move within its laws with continuous success, having better predispositions in earning every amount of money which they may have access to, without any additional consideration, the other people might simply don't manage with it. Both kind of people may be paradoxically not much important in real technological progress processes in the world and both seems to be useless for some technological solutions because of their both way marginal position, if only someone need consequently to stay in that point of view and economic approach. Why ? Because one of them is not interested of changing their stable good economic situation on any else, what could take place if some important technology would strut in their life, and the other are not able to make change because of their own poverty. Mainly there is especially matter if the rest of people have potential to brake the scheme of current deal in technology and its predetermined relatively low attitude in some parts of nowadays determined by standard physic technical solutions. Now, it's strictly obvious that the first and main trouble is our crude technology, which probably evolve in wrong direction since the last century, and anyone today can see clearly, that the whole ecologic system on our planet is in real danger because of activity of humans, thus civilization created by mankind have also uncertain future. Average global temperature which is about 1,5 °C greater than the average temperature before industrial era, is definitely not an natural effect as some people postulate. This occur, mainly because we have no proper transport (existing is too expensive and low effective) to explore near space and colonization of planet and moons in our solar system so we'll be able to gain more place to live to solve the problem with great number of people on our planet and their basic needs. Now the escape from the planet is marked with a lot of complications using only today means of transportation or even impossible on wide scale if there will be any sudden need of this kind. So there is urgent need to create something diametrically new in space travel. I'll add, that lately I've heard about many interesting solutions - each could be this proper propulsion method. The inertial and gravity forces modification is probably most clever and promising way aimed against forces of nature especially gravity. There is one important fact, that if we only comply with natural forces nothing big will happen in our technology, but if we'll be able to confront, reinforce or abate some natural forces than this may be the right way to the proper success. It should be clear that every propulsion method which have application and stayed in use in recent technology which is making now possible space or air travel is based on reduction of atmospheric pressure or on jet and rocket thrust, both ways are extremely insufficient as the propulsion which should have solid benefits for humans related to their true needs and inspirations, especially if we consider the cosmic distances which should be count in tens light years if we want to travel in acceptable time within planetary system in our galaxy part. And here is some explanation about how continuous acting of opposite inertial and gravity force is rising in a case of rapid free falling of material body for instance in Earth's gravity field. If the velocity of falling body in gravity field is greater than the gravity force vector to gravity center of mass, than the pressure is creating thrust against the primary gravity field in planetary situation, thus escape from local gravity can take place. In this purpose there is a condition to create continuous propulsion in surface which is parallel to earth curvature not to vertical gravity acceleration direction as in standard free falling to center of mass in common environment, than in horizontal motion, this force can acting in continuous way if to use proper propulsion technology. The space drive solution should operate on ideal horizontal level surface, than with proper velocity one can see the reduction of gravity forces placed in this kind of gravity engines of the hypothetical spacecraft equipped in such a drive. Further acceleration theoretically should be able to create weightless state effect in engines and after this critical point will be achieve, the space vehicle should be able to take off the ground. However probably in reality this drive will be require a great work in main propulsion, electronics, and many other functionally related parts without which the spacecraft will not be able to take off to its journey to stars. The propulsion theoretically should be enough to send vehicles into space by using no rocket, but it's generally not sure how it will be operate in space away from strong gravity fields from planets as this solution is closely related to planetary gravity forces in short distance. Surely there will be many requirements to fulfill until this drive will see the daylight before the first passengers will take place in sits on a spaceship deck.

Gravity in three kind of stages acting
on a person inside elevator and the way to obtain
the antigravity in horizontal orientation.

Gravity propulsion engine scheme