Get involved

Everyone who is interested about my activity in Internet, likes the topics placed on this web-page and is willing to involve to eventual help can do this by promoting the consist of my works by letting know friends about my endeavors and allow get to know about my projects, also by helping me to gain external sponsors. I'll be thankful for every new knowledge and information from my friends which will approach to make possible everything I'm willing to obtain for good of my generation and for a better future for this civilization. I have founded a laboratory which is in preliminary stage of development, where I am currently working and planning to work further on inertial propulsion and magnetic propulsion. The laboratory is in Zamość in Poland. It's a small laboratory. I look for some people who will undertake with me the challenge of this kind of propulsions, especially people with knowledge in handling with milling machines and lathes, but also people who will be able to work on technical drawings in AutoCad and Fusion 360. I will start with production of small toy drones with inertial propulsion based of my own conceptions as soon as it will be possible. Anyone who will be willing to work with me will have an unique opportunity to work on unusual projects and will be participate in income obtained from realization of my most ambitious goals. I am working on inertial and magnetic propulsion since several years and during this time I think that I have developed several really interesting conceptions which will be checked in my laboratory now. If you find interesting such a work, please contact me on my e-mail. I am also able to sustain a salary for performed work individually on a work deal with each person engaged in contracted works.My lab will be developed to the form I will be able to obtain my every goal. Lately I've been investing a lot of money for gaining a proper equipment for my works. My knowledge is still increasing. However technical abilities depends of practise and skill so I will have to learn yet a lot. I don't want any solution which won't be prepared enough well and won't have professional level finish.