Inertial railway technics

This is a propulsion method with application of heating and cooling with magnetization in form of simple scheme of working principle how to change internal electromagnetic energy to kinetic energy. This method may have application in electromagnetic railway propulsion where as a propulsion, the energy from internal heat source can be changed to kinetic energy by this manner. This propulsion can be predicted to work with application of iridium and steel alloy as a slide surfaces. Here is shown that energy exchange can be obtain by very simple way. At left side of the scheme is heating mode where we have thermal expansion of propulsion rods so the train can to move ahead using only heat energy from internal source. Next zone is magnetization and cooling where we have opposite vector of working forces so the train by using of contraction of propulsion rods and their magnetization can move ahead again, These processes are repeating continuously as the train is moving ahead. This propulsion is combine method of heat and electromagnets action.

Another way to obtain the propulsion without using magnetic field and related complications is the jump method. This method works as is shown on picture below. The support of the vehicle is changing as the train is going ahead and thus magnetic field problems are omitted.