Inertia-less propulsion is omitting gravity nature's forces.

Suppose that we have a possibilities to avoid or control inertial forces in rocketry technologies or traditional terrestrial transport. We can only imagine progress according to this kind of technologies in every type of vehicles, what in further consequence could mean that space travel doesn't already depends on human body's acceleration endurance any more, gaining control of all inertial forces of our physical world. This is not a question if we can manipulate atomic structure of solids, of course if we can, than we'll really try this, but first of all this is the question of several mind experiments we need to do. Main thing is assumption that acceleration can have opposite physical representation, and this is not deceleration. Acceleration can be reversed by several technologies to force with opposite physical presentation, acceleration can take places of deceleration and vice versa. The result is different from human assumption of standard body reaction in both travel situations. So if the vehicle accelerate than passengers will have feeling like their bodies wants to move forward to actual position on their sits, and if the vehicle decelerate passengers will have opposite feeling like on their bodies act force pushing them into their sits. If the balance of this reversed and normal forces is achieved then on the vehicle deck will be inertia reaction like vehicle is motionless, no matter if the vehicle accelerate or decelerate. Such an effects can take place for example in the train propulsion method discussed already earlier due to own inertia momentum gained by the train during permanent free falling.

Inertial propulsion facts.

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