Mechanical autonomous rotor

The crucial point of recent world's most important problems is electric energy producing. Almost every way of producing this energy in the world are focused on nuclear decay, carbon based fuels or water and wind power, thus there is an urgent need to obtain clean energy which can be generated by much more simple ways than in conventional methods and without low efficiency processes. Most research still stay on the point with no allowance on certain facts in history of technology where some great inventions were passing by without any more visible response, and still are based on modifications of old well known technology. Some inventors were appreciated some not. We've got mainly Edison and Tesla in history and nobody predict some other works about some other approach to energy obtaining as useful for civilization but there're really a lot of such a works. Some of them was treated with a smile some of them hadn't enough money even to start with any research nevertheless their ideas and scientific prove was carried in a proper way. However some approach to new technologies now can lead to more different methods with application of methods already forgotten and continuously can still have a value in technology, but with awareness of recent political and economical approach to technology of so many people the fate of some kind of solutions is already known. Although this rotor is not working properly it is a visualization of some other ways of thinking and they are omitted in recent technology solutions.

Autonomous rotor

Operation basics