Antygravity, or inertia control ?

Anti-gravity commonly is a property of a physical body to opposite gravity interaction within itself or with standard matter. In conventional matter every atoms has the same property relying on attraction between each other, not repulsion. There is an unconfirmed assumption in recent science that antimatter can be the source of anti-gravity, however none of laboratories cannot confirm by now that anti-hydrogen has such a properties, due to the complications with obtaining anti-hydrogen in laboratory conditions. The number of anti-hydrogen atoms in the eventual experiment confirming that anti-hydrogen indicates anti-gravity interactions cannot be significant due to the insufficient technology level of our civilization what additionally make more complicated the calculations of eventually rising forces. Nevertheless such a phenomena like centrifugal force phenomenon can reverse conventional gravity forces coming from static mass in locally observed conditions, because inertial and centrifugal force is bonded into one in most kind of situations. In some solutions the centrifugal force can be applied to create some kind of anti-gravity in a closed propulsion system. It is much better and easier to obtain anti-gravity using such a kind of forces than trying to reverse static mass gravity properties like Earth's gravity force. Some research works are conducted to take advantage of gyroscopes application to obtaining propulsion. Gyroscopes are based on natural inertia properties of rotary mass and are providing technology means capable of abating the gravity force acting on itself - working gyroscope is lighter than that staying in the rest generally for the reason, it is make weaker the gravity stream passing thru its own mass.

Main questions.

The main questions sounds: What is time ? What is space ? From what the space is made ? How to control gravity. Those questions are fundamentals for our race, however they are still staying without any better answer. If I know what is time and if I'll be able to control it and if I also see what the space is from the physical side, I wouldn't be here on the surface of this tiny planet without perspectives. If I know everything about the space's fabric then I could made the next real great leap to enter the mysteries of universe without politics, religion and financial dependencies and relations. Then I could make any force field from conventional space to bend the gravitation to my will, etc. In this times in which we are poisoned and infected with any available ways, we may never find the truth about ourselves in the universe. The life of human being is sunken in problems that are coming from the survival needs what is usually equal to sustaining average life level in common community. Such a kind of problems takes the whole lives from them, nothing left. The standard man will never stop sustaining life and will never quit his job and life stabilization, but in certain moment the end comes and he is killed in road accident or from the bullet of the thief in grocery store. That's the problem, because although we are all working for the good of the civilization for own better future, nevertheless we will never cross the certain level in which the main limitations are our own predispositions shaped by aspirations. This conflict shows that even if the civilization's strength will be concentrated by a great number of people masses upon the planet, another great fraction of the society on the world will be cooperate with this system only partially. The distraction due to particular aims in progress processes will be always significant. Simultaneously to many other processes this is how the technology of the future is flattened to only this useful for the control goals aimed to the community on entire world scene. Generally we don't want the technology, which could shake the fundamentals of our civilization, we afraid of this, and this is main cause to keep everything in normal positions and to doing everything to conserve the system. However going this way is a quite short-sighted approach, of course if we assume that the living space which we got is sufficient for us and we'll be satisfied by immediate effects of our work in global scale. Nevertheless if someone wants something else or more, often will not be happy on Earth and like a hungry animal will be chased by people based on the standards. The scientists of our times are based on Newtonian and relativistic laws and they doesn't like independent thinking. They always speak collectively only one voice. However there is an ocean of knowledge about which they doesn't want to know and although they suspect it, for this one important reason, which is lack of explanation of standard science like Newtonian laws, Einstein's works and many others conventional scientific remedies. We don't want to ruin old structures of knowledge therefore we still haven't any crucial effects in the fields like elemental particles physic, harnessing gravity and many other physics fields. That's why there will be necessary very long time to obtain required leap in progress to colonize the solar system and further expeditions in deep space. All is creeping in extremely slow and nightmare pace. These are the problems to solve and we are only one in entire universe to do this. Maybe some civilizations in the universe has gone the same path and now they are free from those problems, because they have a proper technology. We don't know much even about distant planets where inteligent life could be. We've been only beginning the observation of potentially habitable planets and by now we know nothing about atmospheric composition of near planets and we can't say much about their surface elements. With these devices as we have, we can't do nothing more than dreaming and imagine about their real view from the nearness. Our technology still can't give us any answer to real crucial questions. Until this day we have gone a very complicated road to get to all these invention and improvements without which we couldn't live today, like computer technology, mobile electronics, cars, planes, satellites, internet, electric energy, this is quite a lot what we gain in XX century and in first decades of XXI century. We should not to stop right now and make another step in communication - space transport, we've got enough good electronics, and we've got atomic energy and its all benefits, there is only one thing missing and this is a proper launch system to reach for solar system treasures. We should harness an inertial energy and gravitational relationships to construct a clean ground, air and space transportation method. Some of such a methods are already known for certain people, but for some wide spread reasons still can't obtain a proper place in our technology. This is significant, that those technologies still are made in low-budget engagements. Still some people are afraid about the consequences. Maybe we should quit with artificial limitations and fears in our technology, because the situation on our planet is still getting worse and if we don't take any proper solutions to fix this, the situation can turn against us in a big, new way and the problems will be getting stronger. It is significant that somewhere in civilization still is visible the conflict of something what is economically proper and reasonable with something what is really good for the international community. I understand that the quick resignation from all these standards which has roots in our technology may be hard to application, however it seems to me that it's better for the civilization to improve all this technologies now, than to return later to a previous point to obtain all these good results. One should be conscious that in fact this is the hard fight across the whole world, both in economic field and technology field. No matter who would be a winner if our planet would be destroyed. Nevertheless even if our planet will stay useful to habitation for humans for some centuries more, some fractions of community will be still taking economic advantages from those people whose level is lower in the social ladder thru all these times, because often they represent nowadays the cutting edge technology which should be implement in the world now and therefore the system will stay the same also the technology won't skip to a right path...