Gravity propulsion engine

Suppose that engine with gravity force reversing can be constructed. We have probably several options in nowadays technology to build this kind of invention. Certain presentation could look like image below. However, of course, there is a possibility that in this special case there may be mistakes in assumption due to the device was not tested yet. Perhaps this picture doesn't present something familiar for somebody who see it for the first time but it might have certain sense if someone will try to think about it several times. Main principle of this propulsion and general assumption is continuously free falling obtain by rotating magnetic ring. This means, that levitation will be sustained rather by faster rotation but not by higher jump between stator surfaces and in reality this rotating ring will be operate using very low stator surface separation in vertical direction. This ring will be composed of three or four parts and the source of magnetic fields will be also separated by non magnetic material. This ring should to continue working until it will gain negative gravity charge, by gradual acceleration. This is because relative speed in horizontal direction will achieve enough speed (equivalent in vertical direction equal to g = 9,81 m/s2). Further acceleration will make available of space travel and spaceship equipped in such a propulsion will be able to fly in space. Frankly saying, I haven't met till now neither in net or in my direct environment similar to this solution, so I can't learn on someone's previous conceptions based on such a technology and that is why this need much more work at details and probably this will also provide many complication to achieve some useful results.

Gravity engine picture 1

Gravity engine picture 2

Gravity field is one of the most unexplained phenomenon of the nature if we consider current technology application sides in this topic and still there is no real and facts supported conversation about gravity and anty-gravity propulsion methods in public and scientific circles. This situation persists also partly due to the wrong implementation of already existing knowledge especially according to technological solutions with requirements of strict scientific support of certain institutions in the world and thinking methods predicted to acceptation in scientific facts today. Commonly there is still conviction that anty-gravity could be only obtained with complicated and high-energy propulsion systems. Some of really good solutions in technology is still on margin of applicable techniques because there is no acceptation for its revolutionary character in existing economic and industrial deal frames. It's really hard to prepare the right technology oriented only to existing propulsion systems and thinking methods, some technological problems are close to solve but the lack of some proper comprehension of certain crucial facts still leave this techniques all the time behind the technological horizon. Main problem based on the question how to switch off the gravity forces acting on the material objects on the earth surfaces is still open. Gravity field is most permeating for the matter, science ever met and there is no shielding, no barrier for gravity nor techniques of this type at all. Most important is the question about how to make material object weightless on the earth surfaces and whether we can reverse gravity forces in closed energy system in common planetary environment. Still is existing the question when the material object can be weightless in typical conditions. We can drop it down and it'll be free falling to center of Earth's mass - this is the one of the known answers. The second - object is being already in state where earth gravity is equivalent to centrifugal force acting on this object as it is happen when the object is on earth's orbit outside the atmosphere but this case shall be omitted right now for simple reasons of conventional propulsion methods used to this aim. Now is the moment where it is only important whether we can obtain free falling effect of weightlessness in a kind of loop closed system which should be here imagine and predicted to control weightlessness gaining system for predicted further anty-gravity speed up rotation gravity reversing effect. In horizontal position, which is a predicted state of rotation of this looped system there is no distance limitation according to free falling simplify to earth existing conditions because system is closed and it is curved to a circle. The object is moving in continuous free falling process but it is moving on the circle track until it is gaining proper speed to reverse gravity forces acting on itself, but this is only an assumption of preferring situation. There is no confirmation about such a kind of ability in none technology, but let's assume that there is some way to obtain this using the right technology. The object have to fall down all the time so it have to, in fact, abandon every dimension frame of any device of such a propulsion and nothing beside this fact happen. But if to at once at the beginning to give the object the right, great rotation velocity ( let's call it a quick start) than the device theoretically should gain for the moment energy enabling to short jump to anty-gravity state. With prediction of proper length of curvature of the stator which should be enough dimension due to obtain proper starter way the device should gain dynamic anty-gravity pulse. Superconducting magnets can stabilize magnet position using superconducting magnetic forces which can be useful when there is a need to make levitate some magnetic devices without addition of external electric energy which can happen only in very low temperature enabling of superconducting state of the solids. Superconducting rotating ring magnet is compound from several partial superconducting electromagnets which are propelled by stator superconducting electromagnets which gives strong enough magnetic field able to make jump to anty-gravity state. The anty-gravity state should probably have not more than one hundred second duration time and it will depend of torque of the device. To check if it will be working as it is assumed probably will be requiring to involve much amount of financial means too much for one person abilities... This device should be considered with assumption that increasing speed of rotation of electromagnet ring will result with overcome the planetary standard gravity acceleration (9,81 m/s2) thus it could be able to gain negative gravity force. The ring has another non ferromagnetic ring inside blocked to avoid its rotation inside the main electromagnetic propulsion ring. This inside ring can only move in up and down direction and is constructed on linear bearings. Once the propulsion ring start to reciprocate the inside ring start to lose weight and it is starting to push on upper inner surface of propulsion ring so the result force is in fact acting on the entire device. This device is only imagination of certain idea I had earlier in my mind for a long time and a possibility of base mistake is very high. Commonly always it was already tested, that every idea has its evolution path to excellence depending from engaged money and human mind abilities so even if this device is never going to work properly it'll be maybe somehow helpful for other researchers work thinking about approximated to this new concepts.

Gravity engine picture 3