My vision and goals

My vision is based on technology of space travel and on electric energy gained from free-energy solutions. I'm interested in land travel technology based on free-energy application and solutions. I have a vision in a field of architecture and life in a big city. My solutions are quite simple and are relaying on application of centrifugal forces and the other dynamic effects in material bodies and their properties. I have various solutions on magnetic field application to obtaining several types of propulsion. I'm also interested about living in space, colonization, and exploration of our universe. I have some ideas in the field of planetary extraterrestrial civilization building from a very beginning to advanced facilities on the other planets. I have prepared some innovative solutions with applying inertia in electric energy mass production. I also have described some applications of gravity force to producing electric energy and magnetic field with no polarity changing to obtaining electric energy all with application of piezoelectric effect in crystals. The static field application only with taking advantages from its internal energy containing free unlimited abundant source of it. I have developed many kinds of inertial propulsion methods some of them are available on my YT channel. I usually try to eliminate wrong not working propulsion and energy solutions, so I have built my own laboratory to get confirmed myself that some of my conceptions are not fakes. Of course, like the activity of the other researchers my activity is defined by my financial abilities.