New approach to technology

The innovative approach to technology is based on breaking the limits in nowadays science, which are coming from the old convictions and scientific concrete and not from the real possibilities available for humans. The path of this form of science is based yet on XIX century rules in theoretical physic where main postulates were made also then some withdraw out from free energy basics were done, what was made in a crucial and permanent way which had impact on the recent science and technology until today. This Newtonian and relativistic science is hanging a heavy load on every unique way of thinking, so no wonder that every little more enlighten and independent researchers are searching for something else because this science and technology can't give to them any proper answer on the most important questions. Most people unfortunately were unproperly informed wrong by the scientists and technology dictators on their real possibilities on this planet, so they are forced to get what someone else prepared earlier for them without any consideration about this not light fate. What is for the science and technology making entrance to only one global way of solving problems - this is the limitation more harmful than this science itself. Every problem has many ways of solving which can be better or worse, although final effect can be the same. But the question is if the international society will stand the tens of the next new experiments without any protest, otherwise their wallets can speak instead of them.