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Tadeusz Howorus
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Szymon Howorus
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About the studio

The studio deals with architectural, constructional and technological design as well as other industries in the field of construction - we make adaptations of repeatable projects, projects from scratch, consultancy as well as author and construction supervision. We have been operating since May 2002. So far, we have successfully implemented many of the investors' plans from the Zamość region and the Lublin province. At work we follow and take into account the requirements of investors, we also advise and explain various ambiguities in the field of construction in order to improve the construction process and inform the client about the latest solutions in the field of construction technology on the market. We work with many contractors and companies from the Lublin province and its surroundings. We realize that shaping space through architecture solutions is an important issue affecting the well-being and comfort of people in urbanized areas, so we are guided by the principles of ergonomics and functionality, which is visible in the projects we carry out. We have experience in designing the most varied construction objects, from commercial buildings to large-scale facilities. We care about customer satisfaction so we try to match every requirement. We invite everyone who wants to start from building their own home, as well as other investors who want to implement other objects.

Our history and achievements

Our office was founded by two-person team and this is a family enterprise. It is located in private facility where we have an office and there the main works are performed. We have a lot of realizations in Lublin voivodeship and several other voivodeships located near. In years 2002 - 2013 most works was a big challenge. We have also done many small works for private castomers in Zamość and surindings places. We have led to a positive result several huge investments such a like development of the children's santorium in Krasnobród or several various estate complexes in Zamość and other towns.

What we do

We perform typical projects adaptations as well as car washes or department stores. We don't avoid difficult tasks helping a lot of entrepreneurs in the region even in almost impossible to manage situation with their investments. We were helping also as a supervisors and in further care as authors of the projects.We are dealing with traditional architecture and construction as well as pioneer solutions in various industry branches and life requirements. We are relying on knowledge available in nowadays technology world.